Tired of digital dating?
Time to Stir things up.

No more matching, messaging and never meeting. Stir is a location-based mingling app that helps you find nearby singles in real time and initiate conversations in real life. What happens next is up to you.

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Every relationship starts with an introduction

Stir works like a singles detector — showing you who’s available at the same public location and who also wants to meet you — so you can confidently make the first move.

  • Simple Setup

    Stir creates your account using Facebook. We’ll ask you from time to time to upload a new photo, to make sure it’s really you (and they’re really them).

  • Safety First

    Stir pulls your public location and displays profiles of singles who are at the same location. You can always go incognito or block users, if they’re being a bugaboo.

  • Real People, Real Connections

    When a cutie catches your eye, you can “Nudge” them to meet. They can accept or decline, and the rest is up to you.

Experience true chemistry wherever you are

Stir is reigniting the excitement of dating by getting you back to the basics: meeting people in the real world.

  • Does your eye color define you? What about your height or your preference for cats over dogs? Of course not. That would be crazy. Dogs are definitely better. Yet, most dating sites use “parameters” like these to determine compatibility.

  • You’re not ordering a burrito with (extra-cost) guac. You’re looking for a real connection, a spark, and you’re not going to find it in your phone.

  • Stir is helping singles like you Date Different in the digital age. Unlike other dating apps, Stir doesn’t require a questionnaire or endless hours of swiping left and right. We keep you in the moment — at the bar, game, even grocery store — so you never miss out on what could be right in front of you. All you have to do is look up.

Asking “Can I join you?” has never been easier or safer

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Start Stirring things up today

Download Stir to open the possibility for great friendships, romantic relationships or casual encounters. No judgement here.